Your Landscaping Investment – Please Consider The Following

In today’s economy, everything has gotten much more expensive, so is it worthwhile hiring a landscaper? I too have been asking this because money has been tight in the last couple years. Professional landscaping isn’t cheap and unfortunately it’s something that you have to think about doing every year.

That prospect’s name is more valuable than 1000 names on a mailing list – even if he didn’t respond to the first mailing. That person has told you that he buys landscaping services. You can’t just mail him once and hope he’ll buy from you. You have to hit him with a sequence of materials explaining how you are better and more reliable than other landscapers. The more materials you send, the more familiar he becomes with you, and the more likely he is to do business with you.

You get a request for information about your company. You’re on the ball so you get your information out right away. Yours is the first to arrive. They like your fast response and intend to use you so they put your information on the stack on their desk or kitchen counter basket. After a couple of days, your information is buried in the stack of papers.

Fall is a perfect time to fertilize your lawn and plants. Fertilizing in the fall will strengthen your grass’ roots, promoting lush growth next spring. Feeding your lawn during this period will also help prevent weed growth to stop dandelions in their tracks. Plants also benefit from a fall fertilization and you will notice more flowers and stronger more resilient plants next year.

When creating a list for your garden needs consider checking the Internet for suggestions. The Internet as well as magazines, books and television shows are great resources for beginning and expert gardeners. For your garden you want to ensure that you plan properly. You should consider which plants will perform best in your garden. Light, soil and moisture levels are all important considerations.

This does not necessarily mean that you will just leave your garden untended until you gain the necessary experience and know how. Why not consider hiring a professional Yorkville Landscaping to do the job for you.

You should hide or disguise ugly walls or fences. Use clematis plants positioned at the base of unsightly walls to cover them. Erect trellis panels to support the clematis. You can paint them first in contrasting colors so they look good even before the clematis grows to cover them.

I hope this article will prepare you to make the right decision this fall and hire a professional landscaper to handle your fall cleanup. We can help keep your lawn and landscaping the envy of the neighborhood next year. Please support your local landscaper.