What The Lebron James Spectacle Can Teach Small Business Owners About Traffic Generation

Do not post to your blog unless you have something genuinely useful to say. Don’t just pad and fluff your blog just to have something written there. The difference will be clear, and users will not return to your site if they think the content is useless.

Mistake: You ignore the audience and write a post using whatever style, tone and messaging you want. Readers are bored and the blogger loses momentum on their blog.

When other bloggers write buy guest blog posts for your website, it can help you to increase your traffic. Often, the other blogger will tell their readers about the post on your site, with a link. When they follow the link to read the post, they may very well stay to read your posts on your blog. The trade off, however, is that you include a link to the guest blogger’s own site.

My services include a ten-stop blog tour with reviews, guest posts and interviews, pages on both Chick Lit Plus and CLP Blog Tours, initial email pitch to bloggers, calendar of tour dates, all correspondence with bloggers (making sure they received book, getting information on guest posts and interviews, etc) and generating buzz before and during the tour. I provide links on CLP Blog Tours to all the blogs that have posted for the tour, and do my part in spreading the word via my blog and social media outlets. I also offer an optional TwitParty for all authors at no extra charge.

One challenge authors have with designing their own blog tours is finding sites to work with them. How do you go about cultivating a network of bloggers to host your authors?

Press releases: Got news? Create a press release with a link to your site for more information. When you distribute your release through a press release service, the link is re-published in every news organization that reprints your story.

So what does it take to build a successful, sustainable affiliate marketing business? It takes work, dedication and time. But here’s the good news. You don’t have to slave 16 hours a day to make this work. In fact, what’s worked better than anything else for me is to spend just 30 minutes to an hour per day on any one of my affiliate websites. This makes it very easy to work on this part time, starting with just one little blog or site and then branching out into other niches as time allows.

Refrain from chatting it up with the people sitting around you and networking has to be subtle. The star of the event is the designers and what is happening on the runway. Pay attention.