What Are The Top 3 Locations In A Nile River Cruise?

Halong Bay cruises offer one of the best views in Vietnam. Halong Bay is a beautiful setting filled with thousands of islets, crystal clear waters, and faced by sheer cliffs. There are three types of cruises you can take on Halong Bay.

The bathroom is pretty typical. There is a nice-sized shower stall with curtain. A small vanity top and a three-shelf mirrored medicine cabinet offers plenty of space for most personal items. There is also a shelf underneath the sink/vanity. The sink is large and has a new, modern faucet. All bathroom fixtures look brand new and everything worked flawlessly. And, Ingvar’s engineers have figured out how to make a ship’s toilet flush without the sound of a jet engine at full speed! The vacuum system is whisper quiet. Robes and slippers are available upon request. Nice L’Occitane amenities are provided in the bathroom and replenished as needed.

World cruises can cost anything from $50,000 to $200,000, and that easily falls into the category of unaffordable for many people. The wealthy people who book these cruises are able to afford the best of the best, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll opt for the inside cabin (a cabin with no view). Great deals can be found if you’re game for booking an inside cabin, that’s possible even on luxury ships. A little hunting around and consulting various travel agents will yield optimum results and you can come across fares as low as $120 day. If you keep in mind that this is going to be a vacation lasting over three months, that’s a pretty good deal.

On world cruises you get to visit a whole lot of interesting places and ports that regular cruises don’t. But if you are unable to afford the whole cruise or you are not able to get three months of leave off work, booking just a segment or part of the cruise is always an open option. These cruises usually last around 10 days to two weeks and are held during the ship’s world cruise. You get to see the ports you really would like to see and you get back home with some money in the bank.

Most Nile Cruise visit Luxor on the site of ancient Thebes. Here you will see the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s longest ruling female pharaoh, who reigned from approximately1490 – 1468 B.C. Some historians believe that she was the Pharaoh’s daughter that drew Moses out of the Nile. At the northern end of town is the sprawling Karnak complex of temples built over a span of about 1,500 years. As you walk from the front to the back it is like walking back in time.

The Carnival Cruise Line offers a wide variety of cruises to choose from. For example, they offer 3-4 day trips to the Bahamas, 4 or 5 day trips to Canada or Mexico, 7 day trips to Alaska, the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera, just to name a few. They have ships that deport from ports all over the U.S. including Miami, Port Canaveral, Tampa, New Orleans, Los Angeles and New York. Next, let’s take a look at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The Royal Caribbean Cruise line offers many exciting vacation packages! However, they offer one especially great cruise that you may want to consider.

Germany is a wonderful place to travel to and the Rhine river houses many cities along the banks. Taking a cruise ship along this river is a fabulous way to experience the country and everything it has to offer. When choosing Rhine river cruises it is important to make your choice with what is best for your budget, comfort, and fun. All cruises should include free excursions at every port, food and accommodations, and more. Never choose a cruise line that makes you pay additional for these things. If you compare a Danube vs Rhine river cruise, be sure to look at the different boats, what they have to offer, and make your decision wisely. Planning your vacation carefully will ensure you have a wonderful trip.