Website Designs That Work (And Some That Don’t!)

WordPress is a skill that can be learnt quickly and easily. The basics of WordPress can be learnt in 1-2 hours. You could have a 5 page website up and running within one day.

Search engine optimisation begins with your own site. If that’s not good – if your website designer didn’t bother with it because it interfered with their nice looking design, for instance – then you’ve got a major handicap before you begin. There are lots of courses out there that deal with on-page SEO but essentially you need to check that your page titles, headlines, images and text are all related to the keyword your page is targeting. You need to do this for each and every page on your site without getting too repetitive and without it looking or sounding spammy.

Unfortunately so many businesses approach web site design with a narrowed outlook, if they approached office planning the same way, you would find office workers sat on cardboard boxes in an unheated concrete slab with no natural light.

When you are first learning how to create view graphicdesigner2b logo designs and layouts, you first need to consider your business. What type of online venture are you going to be running? Who are your customers? What is your marketing budget? What type of marketing are you going to do? These are all important questions, and until you answer these, you can’t very well create a website that is compelling and exciting.

So the Keywords will be placed not just on the visible web page and title, but also on the invisible HTML web page. These HTML web pages have title tags, meta tags, header tags, and many other uses of Keywords.

Are you a teacher, a professor, or a parent? If yes then start educating the young generation about the importance of tigers in our lives and ecosystem. Tell them why is it important to protect them from getting extinct and how they can help in protecting the tigers.

10)Requiring registration to use your site just because your marketing team said to do it. Users are used to free stuff, and let’s face it they have loads of options. If what you’re web design is offering isn’t really valuable they don’t have to register for your site, they’ll just find it somewhere else. And one other thing never subscribes the user without their consent, don’t subscribe them to your newsletters just because they registered, and never send them unsolicited e-mail messages. This is not a way to make friends; it’s a sure way to make enemies.