Turn Your Iraq Dinar Into Retirement Wealth

We’re often told: don’t judge by appearances. It’s a nice sentiment. But, in the real world, it’s bunk. Appearances count, particularly for leaders – both in terms of “being visible” and considering “how things look”. George Bush’s tardiness in visiting New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina was a double black cross on his card. He wasn’t there; and, his misjudgement of priorities looked bad. Similarly, it was a negative call for BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, to take time for a sail with his son rather than focusing (and being seen to) 24×7 on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. How do you stack up in this regard? What would people say?

In 1862, the government issued the first national currency to be used as legal tender. A national National Wealth Center FAQ ing system was finally established by the national wealth center Act of 1863 ending the Free Banking Era.

The implosion of the Euro is the very reason that the Swiss are just now considering re-establishing a Gold Franc; the pressure being put on the (paper) Franc is intolerable. As the Euro disintegrates, Europeans are looking for a safe haven for their National Wealth Center. The USD is also collapsing, so moving wealth from Euro to Dollar would be like flipping from the frying pan into the fire… not good.

This saying is very true when it comes to saving. If you start saving 10% of your income and invest it at a 10% savings rate over a 45year period you will be a millionaire For instance, take two people who set themselves to save some amount every month. One starts saving while in his twenties and the other start saving in his thirties. If they retire at say sixty years, the one who started early is expected to have more if they were both saving the same amount. The point here is that it is never too early to start planning for your retirement.

Cutting spending alone will not improve our economic situation enough to put those 14 million unemployed Americans back to work. We need a big national program of some sort that will inject money into the real economy; not just create make work jobs like the stimulus bill provided.

Of course, until recently many people didn’t think that they “would” find that an IRA custodian allows real estate. Since most accounts are managed by bankers or brokers and investments are limited to stocks and money markets. The housing market is a better option, but you have to be careful.

Many millionaires keep their money in real estate as overtime real estate investment tends to appreciate. Set a goal to buy an excellent piece of real estate every two years that you can rent out to earn rental income. Over the years the real estate will appreciate and this will be used to grow your retirement wealth.