Travel – How To Avoid Swine Flu

For sure, we all want to know what we can do to avoid the deadly swine flu. As the virus spreads in other countries outside of Mexico, the scare has also heightened as this swine flu has killed numbers. If you want to find out some tips to avoid swine flu and stay healthy, here are a few of them that you might find useful.

Make your hands clean at all times, washing it with soap and water and making sure you have washed long enough to make it clean. You can also wash with alcohol or hand sanitizer right after washing. If you cannot wash your hands, then try to bring alcohol or and sanitizer with you. This may be one of those simple tips to avoid swine flu but is also one of the most ignored.

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When you get caught up in the fear and the “what-if” game, you lose your perspective on what’s real and what’s not and easily accept scary things that are not part of your reality. The price for playing this game is anxiety, panic and mental paralysis.

You can also take steps to physically protect yourself from infection. You can protect your body from exposure by wearing goggles, disposable gloves, or latex nitrile. These items were previously used to prevent in schools and other places where there are large numbers of people, to prevent outbreaks of the H1N1 virus.

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In order to protect your hands, you should get yourself a pair of work gloves made of a heavyweight fabric, like leather, for protecting you from splints and irritations. Rubber gloves and surgical latex gloves will also keep you away from the irritations adhesives and paints can cause. For your toes to be safe, wear sturdy footwear.