Top 5 Ways To Generate No Cost Or Low Cost Website Traffic

I get loads of link requests every day, by people that tell me how important they are. I agree that links are important, but quality links from well ranking websites on pages that are themed to my site is what I want. Not just spammy lists of other websites on pages that are created with the hope of fooling the search engines that we are more worthy than we are.

Social media is taking the Internet by storm and this can be a very easy way to get links back to your web pages from very high posizionamento siti web. You could make a video and post it on YouTube, putting an active link in the video description that links to your website using anchor text and your targeted keyword or key phrase. YouTube videos can be viewed by millions of people, so this will also help get traffic from the people who view your video as well.

Create backlinks. “Backlinks” are links from another site back to your site. The search engines love them so you want them. To build them, publish articles on article directory sites with a resource box that gives your URL. Find forums and blogs to comment on and, where it is available, be sure to give your URL in the signature box. Initiate link exchanges with other websites in niches related to yours.

This is just as important, if not more important than on page optimization. To do this we need to study the linking strategies of the top 10 websites for your keyword. We want to copy their model, but do things slightly better to achieve the top rankings. First open up a spread sheet in Excel and list the following columns: Linking Website, Anchor Text, Page Rank, Link Popularity Page Title, and Number of Outbound Links. Then we search your keyword on Google and fill in the information for the top 10 websites.

The most important part of website placement is creation of a website. Without a website it is not possible to promote it. Thus ensure that you get in touch with a good website designer who will create a perfect website for your company. All you need to do here is state all your needs and requirements to the web designer. Also mention them your target audience so that they will be able to suggest you the best options you can think for your website. It is important that you be open with your designer so that he can interpret your thoughts aptly in their work.

Unfortunately it can be hard to get a link from other website if they are competitors to yours. Your next step might be article marketing or forum posting, since you can get links for free this way. But you will soon discover that these approaches take a great deal of work for each link you get.

I have said this many times before, but I will say it again because it’s very important. “Always be nice to every customer and potential customer”. Yes, even potential customers. Being nice to everyone and concentrating on your customer service will always play a key role in your success as a home business owner.

Starting any business, Internet or brick and mortar or home based, is going to be full of surprises and challenges. This one will be no different. Even if you faithfully follow all the steps I just outlined you will still run into that exception. You just need to be ready for anything by always being right on top of your product. Probably the number one best tip anyone could give is to know what you have for sale.