The Best Coaching Is The Feeling You Get At The End

As 2008 draws to a close, some of you are already looking ahead to what you want to do in 2009. It’s the time of year we begin to self-reflect and adjust our course for the upcoming year.

Show genuine concern. If you feel that your clients are falling behind and unable to follow along, care to know why. They maybe are having personal problems that are why they seemed distracted. Although it is not your job to make them feel better, it would help if you can show them genuine concern. You can help them by adjusting your Coach werden sessions and by simply understanding where they are coming from. Although it will take a lot to adjust your time for these types of clients, you can be assured that this will pay off in the end. How? Well, I am pretty sure that these people will talk about their great experience with your programs to other people. As you know, this can bring in more business for you.

What is your brand message? What do you represent in your actions, appearance and communications? Are you conveying the right “something?” When prospects or clients think of you, what do they connect you with in their minds? If you don’t know that answers to those questions or the answers aren’t great ones, you might want to think more proactively about how you operate as your company’s brand.

Our educational system does not offer a class called Money 101. We all learned about money from observed and unspoken family behaviors. It is not the number in your account, it is your feeling about the number in your account that causes you to love or hate your money. Money is like water. Money does not feel, it simply flows.

In Denise’s case, she wasn’t in fear of losing anything. It was only homework. She could make it up by the next call. She didn’t believe it was a high priority.

The second tip I can share with you is to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. These are people who have a positive aura within them and they may be the closest people to you. By being around them they can be able to help you with your goal to having more clients and finding more opportunities for you to achieve the success you are aiming for.

Even though you have learned the material, you may feel as if it is all just a jumble of words right now. You have all the information you need. The information was simple to understand, so why are you so confused? The people that write the training materials have a tendency to leave everything just a little vague, so that you can insert your own thoughts and ideas into the concept. Plus there is usually more than one way to do the same task and it still be the correct way to do it. They don’t want to pigeonhole you into one way of doing things.

Know what it takes to succeed in this field. Being knowledgeable isn’t enough to dominate the field of coaching. More than that, you will need to have a truck load of patience, set of must-have skills, effective marketing techniques, etc.