Sewing Machine Care Tips

How do you change your world? Are you one of the creative people? Do you find fulfillment by turning out your own handiwork? Then you must be one of the excited people who quilt.

It must be very satisfying to make something worth making and have it turn out well. On the other hand, it’s important to know one’s limitations. I learnt quite early in life that I’m not good at making things. My first attempt to make a thing was in a primary school dressmaking class. We were to make a little silk shift. The other ten year olds didn’t seem to have much problem with the task. The material was lovely, certainly – a shot silk, sort of whirling dark purple and ivory. Looked a bit like the universe at night.

Advertising is vital. Some newspapers offer special rates for garage sales, so search these out and take advantage of them. You should run the ad for a week ahead of time. Specify hours and if you don’t accept early birds. Early birds are those folk who show up hours early as you are beginning to set up to get the best items. If you don’t mind selling as you are attempting to arrange things, fine, but if not, be firm in not allowing them to browse the merchandise until the given time. Also mention if you will cancel in case of rain. If not, a simple “rain or shine” will get the idea across.

Offer to make heavier tools like paper punches, guillotines, heat guns, Sizzix or Cuttlebug machines, Top Sewing Machines etc available, so your friends do not all carry these items to your house. Or ask if people will bring one particular tool on the understanding that it will be shared by everyone on the day. How lovely to be able to share dies and allow people to take home some freshly embossed or die-cut images! Ask them to label their equipment before they arrive so everyone knows what belongs to who when it is time to pack up.

Not long after, though, my mother made the mistake of encouraging me to enter a making-things competition at the local village harvest festival. There was to be a competition to make animals out of vegetables.

The common toddler pillow is about eight inches wide and about sixteen inches long. Given this cut your satin fabric to be eight and a half inches wide and sixteen and a half inches long. This will allow the fabric to be folded over a quarter of an inch. This is important for durability, especially with delicate fabrics like satin. To measure your fabric use a hard edged ruler. Draw a line using a fabric marker using the edge of the ruler. Doing this will give you cut lines. Use a sharp pair of fabric sheers and cut the fabric to size. Take your time to avoid cutting mistakes.

Since a this will be your own unique creation, it is your choice to decide if you would like to hand quilt or quilt it on your sewing machine. Of course, to own a quilt that is made completely by hand is special. However, there are times when we want to create a beautiful handmade quilt, but the process of hand quilting is too time consuming. Above all, you should personally be happy with the final project. Whether you chose to hand quilt or do your quilting on a sewing machine, your finished product will be something you are proud to own or give as a gift to a special.