Removing The Frustration In Home Buying

If you are looking to purchase a new home, a certified home inspector can help you to feel great about your decision. The certified inspector can ensure that the home you buy is of the best quality and that there are no surprises after the paperwork is signed.

What Lies Beneath makes for an excellent horror movie title, and many homeowners are having nightmares about what is lying beneath their walls and floors. A chattanooga home inspector can tell you what needs to be repaired in a house, how easy the problems are to fix, and give you timelines for when repairs should be completed. Many times, Uncle Joe expects to have your work done asap, but days quickly turn into months and then years. The home inspector will give you a real answer on what needs immediate attention and what can safely wait.

What if the issues are major, but you still want the property? Then you should negotiate for a lower purchase price that will help cover repair costs. Get two or three estimates on a project so you can wisely negotiate a settlement before the closing. Find your own contractor to do the work so you know it will be done to your satisfaction.

The home inspector’s job is to give a prospective home buyer a report showing the major flaws of significant components and systems of the home. You want him to be thorough, but consider this. Depending on the laws and regulations where you live, there may be some things your inspector won’t inspect because a specific license may be required for dealing with these matters.

This topic has some debate as to which certifying body is “better”, I could care less. It’s like saying your Real Estate Agent is better because they are from one large firm and not the other. The idea here is that an inspector has made a commitment to be a professional. If they are not a member of Nachi, ASHI or NAHI to name a few… I’d want to know why!

Remember that you are hiring the home inspector and they work for you. That does not mean to boss them around, but you should be able to go with them and they should show you all the potential pitfalls the home may have. You also want to know how much they are charging for the inspection. The average is around $350.00. Of course this also depends on the size of the home if there is a pool, termite check etc. Some things can change the price a little based on other factors. Too much and you have to wonder what they are charging you for. Too little and it would make you wonder what kind of inspection are they going to do. The best recommendation is do your due diligence when looking into hiring an inspector to do a home inspection for you.

I have never done this, although I have been asked to make a change in a report before disseminating it. I send my reports via email simultaneously to buyer and realtor, so I have an automatic out on this request. I would not do it anyway, since my fee is paid by the buyer, I am loyal to that person. Besides, I could get sued for thousands, so there is no incentive on my part. My reputation is worth more than any one Realtor’s business.

We often take for granted the roof over our head, but good maintenance can minimize big problems later and make your home inspector’s job a little easier as well.