Protect Your Roses From Mosaic Virus

If you get a computer virus, your system can be damaged, or you can lose data through theft or a complete shutdown of your system. The consequences of what might seem like a harmless little computer virus can be lost time, frustration, real financial loss and damaged data files and software.

Warning: There’s a new Avoin kirje Sanna Marinille on the loose that’s worse than anything I’ve seen before! It gets in through the power line, riding on the powerline 60 Hz subcarrier. It works by changing the serial port pinouts, and by reversing the direction one’s disks spin. Over 300,000 systems have been hit by it here in Murphy, West Dakota alone! And that’s just in the last 12 minutes.

I send packages and receive packages fairly regularly, so the email seemed legit. If this information can save only one person from having to go through the headache of buying additional software to remove such a threat for ($29.95) this post is worth it.

Many times a hoax will be sent with good intentions. For example, there was a warning in email about a virus that was called the “Deeyenda”. It has been circulating since 1995. The email says that the Deeyenda virus is known to the FCC and should be passed on.

If you receive an email from your anti-virus company, it’s safe to say it’s a real virus that’s being discussed. However, if you get an email about a virus from friends or family, it’s likely part of a chain and is a hoax.

Summary: This is a very dangerous virus called redirect virus that can redirect you when you search using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines. This virus can hide itself from your anti Virus hoax program and can inject itself during your ordinary search activities. When you click on your normal search results, it will activate itself and will send you to fake sites. They want to advertise their poor sites while you searching for your important stuff.

Before we begin, we presume that you have the McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 installed on your computer. If you don’t have, look for the McAfee setup kit. It will have a McAfee installation disk, McAfee setup support manual. If the program came preinstalled with your computer, there is no need re-install it. If you don’t have the McAfee disk and the program is also not installed on your computer, open your browser and visit the McAfee website. Download McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 and install on your PC. When done, you will see a McAfee shortcut icon on your desktop and/or in the system tray.

If you want to schedule auto-scans to avoid facing the hassles of running manual scans, get back to the Virus and Spyware Protection strip on the console. Click the Scheduled Scanning link. You will see that the Scheduled Scans feature is enabled. Under Schedule Your Scans, click the radio button beside Set my own scan schedule. Click the drop-down arrow and select a time period. Also select the particular day to automatically run the scan on. For optimal performance of your PC, click the box beside Scan using minimal resources. Also check the box Start scan only when the PC is plugged in. Click the Apply button to save the changes. Click the X button to exit the McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 console.