Preparing To Write Your First Novel

Have you ever been inspired to write a novel but were discouraged by the enormity of the task? Writing a novel can be a daunting task. It may be easier in the beginning when you are riding high on inspiration but it becomes tedious as the weeks drag on. If you want to see your novel completed then you need to learn how to write a novel fast.

So what happens when it’s all over? You’ve collected your winners t-shirt, and told everyone you know about your newly finished book. And as a lot of editors out there know, December brings a lot of submissions to publishing houses. After all you’ve just written a novel, why wouldn’t you want to put it out there to be published? What most aspiring authors don’t realize is that December is the time a lot of acquiring editors dread.

When constructing your chapters, perhaps you could start out with an introduction to your main character and give some background information about any problems they may have that need to be solved. Make your first page exciting or else your readers will lose interest.

Just how am I going to accomplish this task, since I have never managed to do it before? After all, wasn’t I the one who signed up for NaNoWriMo two years ago, only to change my mind at the last minute and switch over to their Rebel Writer department so I could write articles instead of a remarried empress read online?

Ideas for novels are everywhere. Once you get the idea, you have to focus on the principal subject matter of the idea. Even more, you have to understand your own attitude toward the subject matter and your attitude should be strong and clear.

Seek editor’s help and proofread. Writers often love to write without thinking about grammar, spelling and sentence construction and ideas are just often written directly on paper. To help you achieve quality output and professional work, it is important to get yourself an editor and a proofreader. There is nothing more disappointing than a book full of grammatical and spelling errors, so avoid them as much as possible.

With a plot, the emphasis is on events and the protagonist comes through relatively unchanged. However, there is a struggle between the protagonist and the obstacles he must overcome. The point of the whole novel is whether or not the protagonist’s objective will succeed. Once that point of recognition is revealed, the novel is near its end.