My Computer Has No Sound! – Now Fix The Sound Problem On Your Computer – Step By Step!

Missing sound drivers can really be annoying. This is because there is nothing more of an ear sore than a computer that can play a video or a game, but is like a recorded on mute all the time. What you need to understand is that the sound driver is always prone to problems, especially when on the end of the misguided and the maligned. We are all in that group of people who do not bother to check on the processes of installation before we even unwrap the product from the bag. These actions could be costly for us should anything go wrong.

However, before you do this, check that the problem cannot be solved more simply. Make sure that the power cables are properly connected and that the volume is turned up. Also make sure that any cables are in fully functioning condition.

Select “Application Recovery” from the next menu, then click “Driver Installation.” Navigate to the do i need realtek audio driver that is associated with your sound device. Click “Install” to restore the HP sound drivers to their factory configuration.

8 You might key in artist and album info and adjust any other settings that you desire to change. It’s additionally possible to press Add tracks to iTunes to get finished music automatically put in iTunes. Press OK.

Follow the instructions given on the HP website to resolve your sound issue. Don’t forget to ensure that the speakers are not disconnected and that the software volume settings are not turned down or muted, as these are also common causes of sound failure on HP computers.

At last. Adjust the sound using the Master Volume setting. Use the Master Volume and Wave input settings to adjust the volume of the audio that is being heard.

If nothing works, problem might be due to presence of junk data in your system. Disk cleanup is helpful in this regard. Most likely there would be problem in registry database of your computer. Manually fixing registry is difficult, so, you can opt for some good Registry Cleaner software such as RegistryBooster 2012 to speed up and clean registry. I’m sure it would fix legacy driver issues on your system, it will not only clean your system but will also optimize your PC to its best performance.