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Catering is a tough business, and it’s been getting tougher. For one LA catering business, the only choice to survive was to take some very creative approaches to landing business.

In an earlier episode, Paris has the girls take a rollercoaster ride with a challenge attached to the ride. The challenge was that the girls had to ‘look hot’ while on the scary ride. I’m sitting there watching this go down and laughing my butt off while these puppets go about trying to look hot in their pictures.

The benefits of Limo rentals don’t stop with logistics. There are also the aesthetic benefits to consider as well. Limousines automatically convey a sense of luxury. This is exactly what you want when you’re traveling to and from a wedding, prom, or fancy party. When you arrive and depart in a Raleigh Party Bus, you get to be treated like a VIP. Your comfort is a top priority, and you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the trip.

Just about anything and everything is available to you as an individual or a corporation. You simply decide what you need and want. One thing you can ask for is a corporate rate for business. Luxury sedans, driven by professionally attired chauffeurs, will take you or your business clients to and from meetings. Another service is airport travel. They can pickup and deliver you to your home or to the airport. Some services will even help you with your luggage or arrange for help. Others will meet you at the baggage claim areas with a sign Limo Rentals with your name on it. They will also give you curbside assistance if needed.

How many people can comfortably fit within the vehicles available? The key word here is “comfortably.” Everyone will need room to spread out, since they have on formal attire.

You are at the airport. You have dressed for success in your power suit. For the fifteenth time, you verify that you are holding the sign with the client’s name on it straight. She is from France. You review the few phrases you remember from your freshman French class. Those days are so far off. You wish you could go back. You squirm, then you straighten your tie — again.

There are so many things that set the limousine aside from the other vehicles. They are a cut above the rest and those that have used them once do not hire any other type of vehicles when they are attending that special ceremony.