Juried Show At Core New Art Space

I grew up in a world where young people were urged to stay in school and get an education. It didn’t matter what in, just get an education. At that time about 10% of high school students went on to get a college degree, less in non-urban areas.

Science geeks will enjoy the Mini Labs selection of science toys price at $9.99. These lab sets offer a wide selection of science projects including fingerprinting, rocks & minerals, electro-magnetism, solar energy, and electricity.

If you live in Norfolk, and you are looking for a place to unwind after work on Fridays, Downtown Cheers, brought to you by 94.9 The Point, is returning to the Downtown Norfolk Waterfront for the summer 2007 season. With free admission and performances by local bands, such as The Connells and The Dave Matthews Tribute Band, Downtown Cheers is a great place to be this summer.

For kids that really love their legos… check out this cool Lego brick baking mold/pan. Let them help cook up some Lego brick cakes and build something fun for dessert. You could always put water in them, freeze and take outside to build an ice fort too. But you’d probably want a few of them.

This is the way to take a great tour of Philadelphia, seeing everything from the Liberty Bell to the Art Museum. The CityPass allows you to get on and off as much as you want during the day so you can take the time to stop at one of the 20 trolley stops and see the various sites around Philadelphia.

Des (somewhat panting) gives Brad one more chance to wow her (or even utter a word) and then after he fails to impress her, she kindly rips it off like a band aid. She sends him home and Brad is forced to walk down the same long flight Hobby Boss 135th GCT 155mm AU-F1 Step By Step Full Build of stairs he just climbed.

To become fit you do not have to join a gym or running on a boring treadmill. You need to enjoy what you are doing, or you won’t be able to do it long term. For example, many women love dancing. You might start out with ball room dancing, then change to salsa or the more strenuous jazz dancing. Or, especially now in summer, swimming is an excellent alternative: it trains the whole body. Make a commitment to yourself to try a new physical activity every month, so you can discover what is really helpful for you.

San Francisco got most of its population in 1849 because of the Gold Rush. But now it mainly focuses on keeping its neighborhoods well styled, as they should be. These neighborhoods are really what have brought so many people into the city.