Gift Baskets For Wine Lovers

Every year a new crop of diet books are published extolling the virtues of yet another comprehensive weight loss plan to help shed those unwanted pounds. The following are ten promising potential best sellers. Which plan is right for you…take a look and decide.

Build a romantic fire. Before the kids go to bed, have fun roasting marshmallows. After their lights are out, host your own indoor picnic, complete with a bottle of Wine and Chocolate Gift Set and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Does your family have a set of dishes that have been kept for some special occasion that never happens? Now is the time to get it out and incorporate it into your Christmas theme. All the family will appreciate these special settings and no one is more important than your family. When you set your Christmas table set it for royalty – your family.

Music – The right music can make the party. Set the mood of your cheap Wine and Chocolate tasting with music that your guests will enjoy. Don’t have the music on so loud that your guests have to shout over it. We like smooth jazz, so we usually start out the party with some very upbeat jazz and then slow it down towards the end of the evening.

You can now slowly start adding some of the foods that were not allowed in the previous phase. Pasta, potatoes and other starches can be back on the menu. Fruit is allowed again, and if you really miss your wine and chocolate you can add them too! Because by now you know which carbs and fats are the good ones, you will be able to make smart choices.

During Phase 1, you are allowed to eat meat, vegetables, dairy, eggs and cheese. You are encouraged to eat smaller portions more often. Even snacks and certain dessert are allowed! For those who love their starches such as bread and pasta and sugars Phase 1 might be quite a challenge, but the time passes quickly and it is well worth it. Alcohol and fruit are also off limits during this phase.

For those who are far from each other, or are tied down by professional engagements to manage most of the above gifts, a simple card will send the message that this guy is still thinking of her. Of course the message of a birthday card has to be romantic enough. A birthday cake can also be an accompaniment or a bouquet of flowers, mostly red roses.