Feng Shui Gods Of Wealth Enhancement

If your focus is on attracting love into your life whether it’s a new love or spicing up an current love feng shui will help you create the energy to make that happen. It makes sense that many Feng Shui tips are going to focus on the bedroom when you want to attract love into your life. And by making just a few small changes, you will begin to see that love is easier to find than it once seemed.

Consider the pathways you create inside your home, as well. Your chi should not have a straight shot from the front door out the back; you must provide a winding path by which your chi may flow gently throughout your home. Furniture arrangement plays a large part in this, so take care the next time you re-arrange your living room! Again, keep pathways winding, and try to break up straight lines. Positioning your couch and chairs at slight angles, towards each other, will enhance the conversation chi in a living room. Straight lines allow chi to zip right through, leaving no positive energy to settle in, and maybe even dragging some out with it!

There are certain feng shui items items that you can bring to energize your work space and these include photos of happy memories, plants or vivacious coloured artworks. If you are allowed to bring them, find a spot to place them where they will be able boost positive vibes efficiently.

Gift wrapping at In Touch is complimentary. But if you want to buy, the store has a good variety of expensive paper wraps and carry bags as well. A stock of imported chocolates and deodorants feng shui items is also available.

New Year opens up new avenues for all of us to start off with an altogether new enthusiasm. Many of us make new resolutions so as to enhance the quality of our lives. In order to fulfill those resolutions love, care and support of our loved ones is very necessary. With some great motivational gifts we can inspire them to reach new heights. If someone you know wants to quit smoking and drinking, gift him a book that guides easy and effective ways of doing so. And if someone is determined to lose weight, gifting him/her with gym equipments like treadmill or an exercise bike will be welcomed. Beautifully put words are a great source of inspiration. Present him or her with a greeting card so that they invoke more energy to work towards their goal.

Shopping malls and boutiques in Singapore are the main attractions of the city. Big air conditioned malls, with terrific lights and music attract visitors to hang out in these malls for a long time. Pearls, Garments, handicrafts, Feng Shui items and many other house hold things are available here. The malls not only cater to your shopping needs but also there are many food corners in them. You can enjoy western food to the local dishes in these malls.

If you’ve covered the walls in depressing pictures, you might be doing the opposite of what Feng Shui teaches. Instead, you want to choose cheerful and brightly colored pictures that attract joy and love in your life.