Don’t Forget These Forgotten About Accessories For Your Home

The Kulliar Falls: This 300 ft high waterfall among sylvan surroundings is a beautiful sight for spending hours together without boredom. This delightfully breathtaking waterfall is 3 km from the Yercaud Lake and should be visited after the South West or North East Monsoon.

Pull Together A Theme – For a different look, try to replicate a favorite Hawaiian or tropical vacation you’ve enjoyed. Start with a bamboo headboard and plan on an island color scheme with bold prints. You can use plenty of blue lotus to recreate the lush outdoors. Stick with natural fabrics and add a quality potpourri to remind you of your heaven on earth. A final touch would be naturally woven wood blinds. You will amaze yourself with the atmosphere you can create.

RIPE! Fest Set amidst 20 outdoor gardens, the RIPE! Fest will feature food presented by local chefs and farmers in addition to gardening workshops (with topics like Harvesting herbs, Ask the Gardener, Beekeeping, Natural Plant Butters in Skin Care and Arranging Perennials) and culinary workshops (with topics that include Botany of Cocktails, Pickling and Making Your Own Ice Cream).

Peanuts belong to same botany family as beans and peas, thus they are known as ‘legumes’. Similarly to ‘real’ nuts, they have comparable nutritional levels and promote our health. Therefore, discussion about nuts may apply to peanuts as well.

Goldenseal: Acts as an astringent and is also a natural antibiotic. A natural antibiotic like Goldenseal is beneficial when the mucous is colored rather than clear indicating infection.

Unless you use a particular spice blend a lot or intend to split up a batch to give as gifts, do not plan on making a huge batch at once. It is best to make smaller batches that can be used within a month. Spices lose potency and flavor over time.

Look for ingredients such as the avocado as it has healthy oils which is good for the skin. There are many other examples of good ingredients for night creams. Just make sure that you heard of them or that if you type the name of the ingredient into a search engine, good information comes up!