Dental Reputation Management: How To Build A 5 Star Reputation

There are many things you can do to improve your company’s reputation online. Here are a few things that you may want to consider as you strive to do this.

Yes it takes time to do all these videos, etc, and yes, it means you will have to ask something of your customers – like “Can you please give a review?”. But who cares? Your customers don’t have to do it do they? You don’t have to force them – just ask nicely. The better the relationship the easier it will be to get reviews but what also makes it easier is having systems and strategies in place that make it more convenient and more rewarding for your customers to give a review.

Because social media is all about communication, online Online Reputation Management Firm and the attachment your brand gets from your fans, sentiment analysis should be included in the data you’re gathering to later on analyse your ROI. Again, make sure you are using the right tools to analyse! The accuracy of the results influences the decisions you will make regarding your business. Some of the tools are: Sentiment Metrics, Viral Heat or Tweet Feel.

A thorough research is required to evaluate the most read online platforms by your prospects. Once you’ve shortlisted those mediums, start posting your articles, blogs, press releases, etc. to join the league of the leaders in your domain of business. You can also participate in the ongoing discussions to better connect with your customers/prospects.

Negative reviews are good for you. This may Online Reputation Management sound strange but it is true. No company is perfect and there is always room for improvements. If a company receives only glowing reviews, there must be something wrong: the negative reviews are suppressed or most of the reviews are solicited and/or coached. There must be a healthy balance between the positive and negative reviews. Remember: your product is for your customers and their negative reviews are a valuable source of ideas on new product development. Do not suppress negative reviews, embrace them.

Your personal brand is built over time through every interaction that people have with you. From major deadlines to your cell phone ringtone, everything you do is either earning or losing brand points.

Set up a Google Alert for your company name. Google Alerts is a free service that emails you when your specified keywords, in this case your company name, appear on newly published web pages. By enclosing your company name in quotations, you’ll ensure that that the alert will only trigger for your company name in its exact form.

If you write positive posts about your product or service with content that is keyword rich, your content can easily push the negative posts out of the top 2 pages of search engines. When this is achieved, only the positive things about your product or service appear on the top two pages of a search engine. However at the same time, do not, I repeat, do not just write keyword rich content just to impress search engines. Make sure you are really committed about giving superior and exceptional customer service. This is the hallmark of search engine reputation.