Checklist To Ensure Proper Car Shipping

Picking up your car after transport will require the same attention to detail you exhibited before the car was loaded onto the truck for transport. Make sure you have all of your paperwork in order before picking up your car. This paperwork includes a condition report on your car before transport, auto shipping insurance, pictures of your car, and other paperwork that might have been given to you.

It should be obvious that each company has different rates. By comparing rates, you can save money immediately. You will want to consider a few different things first though.

Please make sure your gas tank is less than a quarter way full. As with most other trucks and carriers, Car shipping Hawaii companies are charged by weight when their vehicles pass through weighing stations. The less fuel everyone has in their cars and vehicles, the less it’s going to cost for the carrier.

I did not realize that Car shipping is seasonal until one of the car shipping company told me. Basically, there are some periods in the year where it is actually cheaper to ship your car assuming the destination is the same. It is best to ask the car shipping company about their rates throughout the year. You may realize that by delaying to ship your car by a month or two could save you hundreds of dollars.

The actual shipping process is simple. You will contract with a company to pick up your vehicle at its location. They will check it out and verify that any damage is documented and that it is safe for transit. They will load it onto a large truck and then they will drive it to its destination.

Roll on roll off shipping is when the vehicles are driven or towed on vessels with special platforms on them. These ships are a lot like large parking lots. Each car is parked at a set spot and it remains there. The major advantage of this option is that it can be used for all kinds of vehicles. The drawback is that your vehicle or vehicles will not get the protection from the outside environment that a container provides.

To be fair, drive away companies have standards for their drivers. They require clean driving records, references, and generally require drivers to be at least 21. However that is no guarantee of the quality of the driving. After all, this person is driving someone else’s car and it’s easy to get careless when it’s not your vehicle.