Before You Sell – Turning Your Home Into Theirs

When you’ve found a home inspector you think you’d like to hire, put him on the spot. You’ve got a lot at stake. Interview him and give him the chance to tell you why you should choose him. Here are some questions you can ask him.

A radon gas inspection gives you peace of mind, comfort and some relief of the stress caused when buying a home. As a home inspector inspects the home he will be looking for things that he knows may be a problem. As I said earlier, plumbing is the number one most common problem. He will get the water pressure throughout the house; he will check for leaks around any type of fixtures, he will also look at the connection between the water connection and the washing machine.

Make a list of qualified inspectors in your area and the next thing to do is to call them. Call each one of the inspectors to find out how they conduct their inspections, what’s covered, how much they charge, and how long the inspection will take. These things are important.

Contact your states licensing board, and ask if the inspector is active and up-to-date. Also, “ask if there are any complaints against the inspector you might have in mind.

When a prospective buyer looks at a previously owned home they can fall in love with aspects of that home. Either its price, location, number of bedrooms, school district or remodeled kitchen; any or all of these factors can strike an emotional chord. They imagine living in this “new” home, and they like the picture that they see, so they sign a purchase contract.

A garage door without a motor should be opened and closed manually to check it. Doors with motors should be checked for proper and safe operation. While the mode of operating a motorized door may vary, there should be a means of operating the door from the outside. Does the door open smoothly, quietly and safely? Is there a means of reversing the door, and does it work as it should?

Seller disclosure laws vary from state to state. However, if you don’t discover problems until after the closing or settlement, you might have the opportunity to sue the seller for damages and get attorneys fees back. Find out if this applies where you live.

Do you take pictures during the inspection? It is very important to make sure you have camera handy during your walk through. Take as much pictures as you want. These pictures may come in handy when you resell them home in the future.