Asphalt Paving: Striping Your Parking Lot

The world economy is in a shambles. No job is safe anymore. Investments that used to ensure a safe and golden retirement are now rotten to the core or waiting for the axe.

UV radiation is sunlight. Asphalt roads are constantly bombarded by UV radiation several hours each day. This unrelenting light can wear down the asphalt; when the asphalt wears down, the aggregate it holds together starts to loosen and break up.

You can also dress up your driveway entry by using a more decorative paving material there. For example, a pretty tumbled paver entry can look nice with the balance of the driveway being constructed of asphalt or loose stone. The paver entry can be fifteen to twenty feet long and as wide as the driveway itself. The paver area can have a soldier course as a defined edging.

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Many factors affect the asphalt driveway cost. One is the commodity costs and the other is oil. When the oil prices are high, then the oil needed will cost more. The thickness of asphalt will be relevant to the cost also. Some climates require the asphalt to be thicker to prevent damage from frost and other problems. A thicker will also cost more.

Ask the company if they supply an all-inclusive services. You don’t want to utilize one company for sidewalks and another for your driveways or parking lots. For the purpose of expediency and simplicity, opt for one all purpose company whom you can rely on for all your paving needs and not just a few.

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