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Having a baby can make a huge difference to your life because you have many new and unaccustomed things to deal with. It is ironic that babies are tiny in size but they create a disproportionate amount of waste. In fact, you will find this very difficult to deal with if you are serious about green living. Thankfully, there are quite a few things that you could do to reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste that is generated in your house because of your baby. The following going green tips will help you feel a lot less guilty about your household’s impact on the environment. In addition, you will also save quite a bit of money in the process.

There is one form of high quality plastic that is new on the market. It is called Poly-lumber and it is made from recycled plastic bottles. The material is processed and sold in standard lumber form. It actually has the look of painted wood and its mechanical properties are stronger than that of wood. Some furniture manufacturers are starting to make high end products with Poly-lumber.

A retail store may issue a “charge” card that can only be used for that store. This is the same thing as when your grandfather “had an account” at the store. He could buy a pair of trousers and say, “Put that on my account.” He would sign the receipt, take the trousers with him, and the store would send him a bill at the end of the month. The differences were: there was no keinplastik card and no annual membership fee.

Many of the world’s major fish stocks are overfished and collapsing. This is more than a food issue; these fish make the marine food web survive and many coastal communities depend on the industry. The good news is that there are alternatives for those who don’t want to completely give up seafood.

Get a massage! Stress breaks down the body’s ability to fight disease. If you can manage to keep stress at bay, your body will have more resources to defend against viruses. Massages can also stimulate the lymphatic system helping the body flush plastic-free out toxins.

BPA and phthalate are the worst of the plastics — well, probably not the worst, but awfully darned bad — to have in contact with your food. If you were eating fresh, whole foods this wouldn’t be of the least concern to you. But some of the foods we cherish are canned. And, if you are stocking food in your larder for emergency situations, you will rely on canned foods too, unless you are more dedicated than even I am and make all of your own preserved food items, thus controlling what they are stored in.

I highly recommend the Pyrex brand if you want cookware that’ll last for years, but I don’t recommend the baking dishes like the roaster, cake pan or casseroles. If you turn the oven setting down (if recipe allows), it does help somewhat to prevent over-cooking.

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