Advice On Planning A Trip Around The World

What’s that old saying? “If you believe in nothing, you’ll fall for anything?” Yeah, that’s it. Well I’ll be doggone if there ain’t a great deal of truth in that statement. Sometimes the most obvious and least complicated truth is so transparent it is not seen even while it is staring one in the face.

Newspapers/Watching news on TV. The media loves bad news. If you cannot read or watch without internalising it then avoid it. Try going a week or even a month without getting your daily “fix”. You will be amazed that your life still goes on. It does not stop just because you don’t know about the latest Gulfstart argument or tragedy. If there is something that does affect you, you will soon find out about it.

I will revisit a quote from Haley’s article on the Byam School District given by an anonymous parent, “How long since students were allowed to sing actual Christmas Carols during the Holiday”…or maybe “Winter production? With a little extra effort and creativity, music teachers can figure out ways to work students in and out of acceptable and non- acceptable pieces in honor of family religious practices. Would this not be preferable to losing the joy of celebration altogether?” (anonymous) I would like my readers to pause just a moment to reflect on these words, of which the owner remains anonymous, but the statement easily deciphers into a very simple and practical solution that is worth consideration.

Eddy Benavides dies due to mistaken identity. February of 1964 Eddy Benavides, the mirrored image of his brother Domingo Benavides, was shot in the head. Domingo witnessed the Tippit shooting, as submitted.

Obama decided to send extra troops to Afghanistan. This was months after the request had been submitted by the military. Why did it take so much time to decide? The press said it was because Obama is so smart and needed the time to ponder. Military history does not speak well of the leaders who took a lot of time political communications company to ponder during wartime.

>If Governor Spitzer resigns, he can help make history. Lieutenant Governor David Peterson is the man who’d take Governor Spitzer’s spot if he steps down. Lieutenant Governor Peterson would be the first African-American New York governor and also the first blind governor. Yes! Peterson is legally blind. It would be a historic event that would inspire others and put a positive spin on a negative event.

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