Add Beauty To Your Garden By Installing Attractive Garden Fountains

Although the idea of using pots as garden fountains is not a new idea, I came across a way of building them that I hadn’t seen before and would like to share that with you. The idea is simple. First you will have to choose the pots you will use for your fountain. You need a basin, a base and the pot you will use as the fountain. Choose the shape of the main fountain not only for its appearance but also how it will function. Smooth pots with very little taper on the bottom will be quieter as the water will cling to sides as it falls. Some pots have ridges or rings that will cause the water to fall off producing more sound.

It is reminiscent of the environment you will find in the forest where the air is clean, the atmosphere is stress free and you are brought closer to nature. This is the therapeutic effect that a Zen like water fountain makes you feel. It brings a feeling of relaxation and tranquility which the principles of Zen inculcate.

Take into consideration the angles by which the đài phun nước mini will be looked at. A wrong viewpoint to the observer will reduce the effect of your fountain. So, choose the position that will be most beneficial to all.

Garden water fountains are usually a little different than patio fountains as they are meant to fit the design of a garden more than a patio or deck. Most garden fountains are made of stone and include many shapes and designs. A common garden fountain typically has the water bubbling and flowing out of the top and then cascading down creating mini waterfalls instead of flowing down a flat surface like many patio or indoor fountains. There are many birdbath fountains available also. These fountains work basically the same as patio fountains with the pump and lights. To plug it in you will want to use an extension cord meant for garden use that can be buried to hide the cord.

There are also water wall fountains. These are the ones that are positioned parallel to walls to achieve the effect. Stone wall fountains are common as they are the most durable. Glass walls are also available.

A relatively inexpensive fountain for an office desk or table is a basic two levels for the water to cascade over with a ball on top of where the water comes out. It measures only 7.5″x7.5″x5.5″, so it won’t take up too much space on a counter top or desk. This particular fountain retails for only $28. Another inexpensive table top fountain made of polyresin with four tiers. It has a granite-like finish with a 120V indoor only pump that pushes water from a bottom collector tub to the top to flow from one tier to another. Selling for under $35, this fountain is 10″ tall and has a diameter of 9.5″.

The Tranquility Tabletop Fountain is for indoor use only. It measures 12 1/2″ diameter x 11 1/4″ high which makes it convenient to place anywhere in the house. It is made of Polyresin material that is artistically designed to look like real bamboo on a round water dish of granite stone. There are three bamboo trees cut in three different sizes with their branches trimmed to look like spouts. The water pours from the branches as they flow endlessly down each bamboo tree to finally spill onto the glittering river rocks lining the water dish below.