9 Ways To Save Your Business With A Sales Turnaround!

Many businesses have lost their private sector work. Businesses with any relation to real estate were hit hard by the recession. These businesses include real estate brokers and agents, construction concerns, interior designs, architects, land surveyors, civil engineers, and building permit expeditors. I went to a doctor visit and my doctor was hit hard too. When her clients got laid off, they no longer had health insurance. A lot of my colleagues in the insurance industry were hit hard too because insurance was dropped by many as they trimmed their budgets. Therefore, going after government work may be the only viable option to survive this down economy.

The reason your Person/Strawman is created is mainly to enslave you. You see, you were created by your parents/nature/God – not the Government. So the government has no authority over YOU the commercial contract law living breathing being and consciousness that is really You because it is not the creator of this. So the State creates the Person/Strawman and then does it’s best to make us believe that we are it. It of course owns the Person/Strawman since it created it, and by tricking you to agree that you are it, it can control you. This is probably the main reason behind the drive for ID cards.

If the seller has a higher, specific duty to you, then you may have recourse as well. If the seller was also your instructor, he or she has an affirmative duty to help you buy the right horse above and beyond the normal seller’s contractual obligations.

Accountant or CPA. Look for someone who is knowledgeable in your area of business. Your accountant should be well-informed, should notify you immediately of major changes that may affect you or your business, should be timely in answering your questions, should always get your work done in plenty of time for you to file tax returns or take financials to the bank. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a single person or a firm but you must feel confidence in the person you are working with.

You will need some form of simple database to record your findings and kommersiella avtal when you get prospecting up and going for you. Initially you can use a simple contact address book system that allows you to take sufficient notes with the people that you speak to. When you are ready, you can export this information to a more comprehensive database that you purchase at a later time.

I was recently in Darwin in the Northern Territory talking to some Commercial Agents. Within the team there were some top performers and some very ordinary salespeople. The ratio was 15% to 85%. I think you know how the ratio was biased!

Understand the things that are very important from a business perspective. Always do those things first and if possible at the beginning of the day before distractions set in.

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