5 Reasons WordPress Is Better Than Blogger

The assumption is, since WordPress is a blogging tool, the only design you can use has to resemble a blog in layout and functionality. While this is the case with most free and premium themes, custom WordPress applications have much more design freedom. But if that is the case, why should your church be thinking about using WordPress?

Using your WordPress RSS feed, you can get your posts into Technorati immediately! This can bring you an absolute ton of traffic if you write content others find useful.

I encourage you to take action and get a blog going TODAY. You can be blogging like a superstar in less than an hour. wordpress makes it possible, and it’s the perfect solution for everybody.

When you post in Blogger, you can only “ping” a limited amount of sites, whereas with WordPress on your own domain you can ping as many blog directories as you want, and start getting more traffic.

Ok, so first, if you don’t know a lot about web design and SEO in general, creating a WordPpress site is going to make your life a LOT easier… and additionally, Google likes wordpress tutorial sites for SEO. Once you’ve installed WordPress, I would simply recommend installing the All in One SEO pack plugin (ensure you configure it correctly), as well as the Google Site map plugin.

In 2007 there were 1090 commits made and so far in 2008 there are already 2840. WordPress has made 11 releases in the last year alone which is much higher than normal. The WordPress team also just added 3 new core developers increasing the development team back to five full time members. The upcoming WordPress 2.7 release is currently scheduled for November 2008.

I have created over 200 tutorial videos that show you how to use WordPress and many of the WordPress Plugins. If you would like more information on WordPress tutorial videos, you can visit me at my website.